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Ken Forester Receives the Prestigious Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

Federal Aviation Administration Presents Master Mechanic Award to Ken Forester of Meridian Teterboro February 6, 2002

Teterboro, New Jersey

On January 22, 2002, the FAA presented the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award to Ken Forester, the founder of Meridian Teterboro. The award was presented by Wendy Grimm, Regional Safety Award Program Manager, Fred Stein, Flight Standards District Office Manager and Charles Emering, Aviation Safety Inspector. Also in attendance from the FAA was Fred Grill, and Marcus Witkowski, Aviation Safety Inspectors of the Teterboro Flight Standard District Office.

The Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" award recognizes aviation maintenance personnel who have at least 50 years of experience in the aviation maintenance industry. The award is named for Mr. Charles Taylor, the mechanic who maintained the Wright Brothers airplane.

Ken received his license as a mechanic in 1946. He started his career in aviation in 1939 when he received his Private Pilots license. In December, 1941 he enlisted as an Aviation Cadet in the Army Air Corps, where he served until 1946 as a test pilot. Upon his discharge he started Mallard Air Service, a maintenance facility, charter services and aircraft tiedown facility. He finally established General Aviation in 1954. He has been there ever since. In 1973 his son, Ken Forester, joined the operation and in 1986, the operation became a Million Air franchise. The current operation consists of a Certified Repair Station, a first class charter operation, a top rated Fixed Base Operation as well as a flight school.

Ken, has been instrumental in the growth of Teterboro Airport and we are proud that he was chosen as the recipient of this fine award.